"Storing six fishing kayaks and my wife’s touring kayak in my garage was quite a challenge until I came across the Harken Hoister. I’m average at following directions, but it was simple to install and allowed me to raise my 70 – 80 pound kayaks so they’re out of the way. Lowering to my car top or trailer via a pulley system is very quick and easy. Then I’m off to catch lots of smallmouth bass and enjoy a great day of fishing!"

—Bill Schultz, Wilderness Systems National Fishing Pro Staff

"I have installed two of your excellent 7807 Hoisters in my carport. They operate effortlessly and are a huge upgrade over the system that I had previously invented (mine felt like I was lifting skiboats instead of kayaks)! I've included photos of my installation. Thanks for the great design of your product and the quick delivery."

—Hugh Prichard Eugene, Oregon  

"What a great piece of kayak gear I received for Christmas! I had put the Harken Hoister on my "what I want" list and I actually got it!"

—Terry Gowler (excerpt from review by Terry Gowler)

"I no longer store my kayak outdoors under a kayak cover. I recently bought a Harken Hoister 7803 and now store my kayak in the garage. It is so easy to hoist the kayak out of the way. The installation was very easy. I spent most of my time cleaning out the garage and moving things in the garage to make space for the kayak. I really like the Hoister."


"My wife actually did the installation and had no problems. We keep our 'old-school' river-runner boats in these. The 'new school' boats are so short, we don't need to make room for them."

—Michael Tjo

 "I recently installed the Harken Hoister for my canoe, which weighs about 70 lbs. It was recommended by a friend. I was previously using a home-made system of pulleys that had all the ease of lifting the Titanic. I should have installed the Harken system years ago. It takes practically no strength to lift the boat, it's secure, and easy to install. I've since purchased two more Harken Hoisters for my other boats. This is a superior product. Thank you." 

—Robert Lansberg

"Once it's up, you will love it! Pull it up and the boat is out of the way with its gear inside. Lower it down and you can work on the boat."

—Easy Rider

"I love this thing. Works great. Easy installation. My wife did the installation and had no problems." 


"I just installed a Harken Hoister to store my 13' Old Town Castine on the 9' ceiling of my garage. The installation went very well. I am completely satisfied with the product and am recommending it to anyone who will listen. All the components are high quality products that have solved my kayak storage problem."

—Hall 48

"The Harken Hoister works great for storing our 17 1/2' canoe in our garage. As our garage has a 10' ceiling and I wanted to have the slings 9' apart, I ordered the 7802B.12 model directly from Harken. I place the canoe on two saw horses and can raise and lower it in a few seconds."


"The Harken Hoister is going to save me $20,000—that's how much it was going to cost to build an addition to the garage to store my boat."

—Ed Hoffman (Annapolis Boat Show)

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